Fomly lightweight elastomer technology

Innovative, stable and durable. Fomly combines the best characteristics of several technologies, which have been improved to a better, higher quality and new applications through research and development.

Why Fomly furniture?

avant-garde, designer shapes
easy to clean and disinfect, without damaging the top layer

no frame, children-safe soft structure

customization owing to a wide variety of colours and imprinting possibilities

3 unique features that make our furniture one of a kind

The original elastomer coating sprayed onto the foam results in FOMLY® furniture being finished with a durable, tight and soft-to-touch structure.

No need to apply metal or wooden frames means that even a multi-ton load is unable to cause permanent damage to our furniture.

The application of dedicated finishing varnishes, in a wide range of colour makes the furniture have vivid colours and be resistant to UV radiation.

The durable elastomer coating, unlike fabric upholstery, provides the furniture with waterproofness and resistance to mechanical damage.
The insulating properties of elastomer protect the foam interior. This enables the furniture to be used comfortably, all-year-round, regardless of weather conditions.
Varnish from the broad NCS palette. Intensive colour and wide options for applying individual patterns. Durable and aesthetic finishing, with maintained high UV radiation resistance parameters.
Strong foam with a high density of 40 kg/1m3 ensures the required structural stiffness of the furniture, as well as uniform and comfortable support.

Production process: step by step

Conceptualization of a new form, creating a shape based on the designer’s vision, in consideration of the future function of the product. Transferring the drawing to a convenient and universal work environment of design software (e.g. AutoCAD).
Converting the desired shape of the designed piece of furniture into blanking instructions for a computerized numerical control (CNC) machine. Cutting out a specific shape intended for further processing using a uniform polyurethane foam block.
Covering a raw polyurethane foam body with our original elastomer coating. Obtaining an even and durable top layer together with manual corrections of potential imperfections.
Spray-coating with flexible varnish in the colour selected from the NCS palette. Optional branding using durable, colourful imprint of any graphics or company logos.