Below you can find answers to frequently asked question from our customers.
The basic structural element is the polyurethane foam, with various densities from 40 kg/m3. Generally speaking, it is the same material that is used in traditional upholstered furniture for the seat, backrest or armrests. What differs is that we do not apply fabric/leather upholstery on the foam. It is possible to manufacture furniture with accessories, e.g. wooden, but it is merely an extension of the main concept, which involves no frames in the furniture.
A frame is not required. The foam itself is sufficiently solid, durable and stable, for it to constitute a furniture base. Accessories in the form of wooden or metal elements are possible, but not as a primary structural element, and solely as an addition improving appearance of the furniture we manufacture.
Instead of the traditional fabric or leather upholstery, we utilize an innovative, proprietary elastomer mixture, which is spray-applied onto the foam, under high pressure. Thus creating a top layer that is extremely resistant to damage, abrasion and cuts, which are unavoidable for fabric upholstery, in the course of normal furniture use. Furthermore, the foam itself, contrary to the appearance and the general belief, is not as fragile as it may seem. It is a durable and flexible material, yet soft and safe. The ultimate strength is additionally provided by the above-mentioned elastomer top layer.
No, the foam is not coloured. We can make the foam in any colour, which is then spray-coated with a uniform and durable elastomer layer. The prepared surface is then also spray-coated with flexible waterproof and UV-resistant varnish – this being the fundamental advantage of our furniture, which distinguishes it from furniture with fabric upholstery. The varnishes used to give the furniture the right colour are available in a wide range of NCS colours.
Yes! Definitely yes! Omitting hard elements or frames in the manufacturing process, and instead using only foam (sponge) makes the furniture soft to touch, comfortable, yet safe, e.g. for children. The furniture is manufactured to satisfy the needs of kindergarten or simple children’s rooms and can be easily used as toys.
Yes, owing to the application of an innovative manufacturing technology and a spray-applied elastomer layer, which is a kind of “upholstery”, the furniture is practical, and “hard-wearing” in the course of normal use. We conducted a series of crash-tests, running over the furniture with off-road cars. The furniture pieces would then recover to its original shape without damage.
The spray-applied top layer “closes” the foam and constitutes a waterproof coating, which is why our furniture is suitable for outdoor use, e.g. in gardens, on terraces or poolside areas. When the furniture gets wet, simply wipe it with a cloth or paper towel to continue use.

As a rule of thumb, the furniture stands directly on the floor, with no additional stands or frames from underneath.

When manufacturing, e.g. furniture for preschools or generally for kids, this is important in terms of safe use – furniture made of foam only is soft and safe for users.

We are able to make furniture with e.g. a wooden or metal base, if the customer so wishes and if this is required by the technical conditions of the furniture assembly site. Such modifications are analysed already for individual orders.

As previously mentioned, FOMLY furniture is very easy to clean – all you need is a damp cloth. If you would like the furniture surface to be additionally protected, and cleaning to be as effective as possible, write to us and benefit from our dedicated 70% alcohol-based cleaning liquids and agents of the FOMLY ULTRA CARE series.
Yes. The furniture is also intended for outdoor spaces. It has a special elastomer layer, which is responsible for, among other things, the furniture’s watertightness. In addition, the varnish used to provide the furniture with the right colour exhibits UV-resistant properties, therefore, it prevents rapid colour loss, as is the case with, for example, fabric or leather upholstery.
Yes. All pieces of furniture come with a standard 12-month warranty.It is possible to extend the warranty to 24 months for an additional fee. Details in the online shop
You fill in a form, we contact you by phone, and then agree on the scope of the project. Our designer develops a design for you, which is then forwarded to the production department upon your approval. At this stage, you also get information on the furniture lead time.
If you would like to purchase catalogue furniture, you are welcome to visit our online shop. For individual orders, we needs to sign a contract first, then you make an advance payment, based on a proforma invoice. This will commence the order processing, as per the guidelines set out in the previously signed contract.