enthusiasts of non-standard solutions

Who are we?

We started our business in the event industry as a rental shop with furniture and accessories for all kinds of events, and under a completely different brand. When renting out large quantities of sofas, armchairs or pouffes for conferences, elegant banquets or outdoor events, we noticed 4 recurring issues we were dealing with:
  • leather/fabric upholstery was not resistant to frequent and long-lasting cleaning
  • upholstered furniture lacked resistant to water (or other liquids)
  • furniture upholstery exhibited low resistance to frequent use in event conditions
  • upholstered furniture had significant limitations in terms of form (almost every sofa/armchair looked very similar).

We decided that we had to change this, which is why we introduced new quality, and a better, unique product to the event industry; a product that would solve these problems. And we weren’t the only ones who struggled with these issues, other suppliers did too.

Browsing the internet did not provide any spectacular results. In fact, the seating furniture market was limited only to upholstered or plastic products. We wanted the furniture to be durable, waterproof and … comfortable!

Construction / industry joining forces with the furniture industry. Is it possible?

Browsing the internet for durable materials used by the construction and industry in general, we encountered a video on YouTube, which showed a certain, mysterious substance sprayed on various industrial surfaces, industrial hall roofs, swimming pool cladding, etc. We started to dig into the topic, meet people from the chemical industry, study information materials, test the spraying of different strange-sounding substances onto upholstery foams and polystyrene.

Several years later...

It can be said that an experimentalidea of expanding and improving the event industry with new-quality furniture, was the founding idea for a 100% Polish company and brand, which offers not only “all-resistant” products, but also designer ware, which are comfortable and universal. Today, we want to reach out with our products not only to Polish and European customers, but to customers all over the world! Can we make it? A lot also depends on you!

What distinguishes us?

Unique technology

unprecedented possibilities and design

New quality

Regardless of whether indoors or outdoors, Fomly guarantees new experiences for its users, pampering them with comfort and the convenience of easy maintenance.

Design that astonishes

We try to design furniture in a unique style, in order to create unforgettable arrangements

We act comprehensively

A wide portfolio of ready-made forms, customized furniture, design assistance, manufacturing and delivery