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Fomly Furniture

We design 3D shapes made of polyurethane foam and use them to create durable, stable and designer furniture. We help you create new and unique forms or benefit from a wide range of shapes and colour variants. Foam, modular and waterproof – they will suit your office, hotel, nightclub, garden, and even kindergarten. Application versatility is what distinguishes us!

Why? How? What?

Learn our mission and business vision! Find out about the reasons behind creating the FOMLY brand? Why do we make furniture different than everyone else? How do we work with the materials and what do we actually provide the customers with? Enter and read more on our blog!
is the maximum stretchability of our coating
39,5 atm
the coating on our furniture has a bursting strength of up to 39 times the atmospheric pressure. It is almost fifteen time the pressure in a tyre of an average passenger car.
is the time we devoted to research and development of our technology prior to implementing a finished product
2 200 kg
is the load applied to our pouffes during the compression test with an off-road car. It took no more than 20 minutes for the tested furniture to recover to the original form after removing the load
is the duration of the weather impact test we subjected our pouffes, sofas and other forms to
as the pioneers in Poland, we manufacture furniture utilizing lightweight elastomer technology

Who are we?

We started our business in the event industry as a rental shop with furniture and accessories for all kinds of events, and under a completely different brand. When renting out large quantities of sofas, armchairs or pouffes for conferences, elegant banquets or outdoor events, we noticed 4 recurring issues we were dealing with:
  • leather/fabric upholstery was not resistant to frequent and long-lasting cleaning
  • upholstered furniture lacked resistant to water (or other liquids)
  • furniture upholstery exhibited low resistance to frequent use in event conditions
  • upholstered furniture had significant limitations in terms of form (almost every sofa/armchair looked very similar).